Store Assets


These assets can be used digitally or in print. The QR code will direct users to a page to download your app.

Social Media

Use these assets to promote your school or club on social media. The graphics work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.


Graphics. Lots and lots of graphics


Printable Assets

These assets can be shared out digitally via social media, email or any other platform your school or club uses to communicate with your students, athletes and parents. You can also print these out at your school/club or use an economical service like Costco Business Printing.

Phone Images

These phone images can be used digitally or in print. Use them to create social media posts, graphics to promote your school and your app, emails, etc.

Store Images

These graphics are used on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to promote your app. You can use them digitally to help promote your app!